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Have you always wanted to play the piano?
Dreamed of performing on stage?
Wished you could sing better?

Have you been taking lessons for a while but wanted to change to a new instrument or be challenged even more?

Did your teacher move or just won’t return your calls?

Lakeland School of Music takes learning music seriously, while also encouraging our students to have tons of fun! We are an established music school that’s been offering quality music lessons in Lakeland for over 15 years. We have some of the best music teachers in the area who love sharing the gift of music with their students. We also have a full-time desk staff available to answer your calls and emails, and accommodate any scheduling needs you may have.

How does this work?

Find a Lesson Time That Works

You can look through our directory to find the day and time that works for you and your schedule! You can view our lesson scheduler here!

Teacher Match

You can look through all of our teachers to find the one that fits what you want to learn. All of our teachers have great personalities and they love connecting with their students, no matter where they are at!

Start Making Music

You can get started within 1 week! Enrollment is always open and you can start at anytime. (Lessons are at the same time and on the same day each week, but can be changed if sports or other schedules require you to move spots!)

Why Choose Lakeland School of Music?

* Lakeland School Of Music is Lakeland’s largest music school with over 19,000 lessons taught annually! 

* Our dedicated & qualified music instructors offer quality instruction on more than 25 different instruments, all at one location!

* We’re the only school in Polk County licensed in the Musical Ladder System, rewarding students with wristbands, certificates, and trophies! 

* We currently have a 100% success rate for students auditioning into the Harrison Art’s Music Program for Classical Piano, Violin, Classical Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Upright Bass, Musical Theater, and more!   

Other Benefits to Consider:

Choose from many different types of teachers who teach a wide variety of instruments.

This allows you to learn the instrument you choose and even have siblings or other family members take lessons at the same time, or back-to-back. You can easily change teachers or instruments along your journey to ensure that you LOVE the music you are making!

We are open 6 days a week!

Every family’s schedule is different, so we want to have as many openings as possible for our community. We even have daytime lessons available, if you homeschool or work from home.

Choose from a variety of instruments!

We teach guitar, piano, voice, violin, drums, bass, flute, trumpet, mandolin, ukulele, and more!

Perform under the lights!

Many students love to perform and that’s why we offer amazing recitals in a very cool venue. The participation fee is just $25 per student and that includes an accompanist (if needed), tickets so your family can attend, and a photo booth so you can post your memories for all of your friends to see! We hire professional sound engineers for the best sound quality and videotaping is not only allowed, it’s encouraged!

We know you value safety and security-- and we do too!

To ensure the safety of our students, we do background checks on all of our teachers, have windows on all of our lesson room doors, and offer an open door lesson policy in which parents are always welcome to sit in on their child's music lessons. In 15 years of doing business, we have never had an issue and that’s because we go above and beyond for our families!

Month to Month Lessons

Our desire is to inspire our students with the love of music. We do this through teachers and music that our students love. Unlike other programs, we do not require semester minimums for lessons. You can begin anytime! To stop lessons, we just need notice prior to the 15th of your last month of lessons.

Nationally Recognized Standard of Musical Excellence

Lakeland School Of Music participates in the Royal Conservatory Music Development Program. This program provides a nationally recognized standard of musical excellence through graded assessments which students are able to earn merit certificates at each level of study. Participation in the assessments are optional, and usually will begin only once students have completed 1-2 years of private study. For more information about the Royal Conservatory Music Program visit

Trophies, certificates, and award wristbands to celebrate achievement.

We are the only music school in Lakeland that gives their students the opportunity to earn special color wristband bracelets (kids and teens love them!), trophies, AND certificates for passing musical tests. No other music reward system inspires students with smiling faces (see pictures to the right) by giving them full color, really cool “Musical Ladder®” wristbands that they can show off to their friends. The Musical Ladder® is our unique method of music education that you can only get here!
More importantly when our students have a test coming up, they practice more, their parents are proud, their teachers are proud, and everybody wins! You can only get the Musical Ladder® here. We also specialize in music lessons for adults.

Award winning music program for little ones (18mo - 7yr)

We are the only school in Polk County licensed to teach MusicFunTime – an innovative and proven early childhood curriculum, which has music classes for kids 18 months to 7 years old. Music FunTime is not a simple play group where children sing, dance, jump & play instruments. Our program is based on Johns-Hopkins Research that children 7 and under can learn to read music notation and symbols, play instruments, while fostering their ability to grasp math and science as they develop. Classes meet on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. Call 863-640-2810 to schedule your child, or click here to read more about Music FunTime.


We teach Guitar, Piano, Singing, Voice, Drums, Violin, & more